Welcome to my Virtual Home…

 I am happy that you found your way here.
If you are wondering, I am the woman in the photo above., taken sometime in 1998. And that was my “brick & mortar” business: LIVING GREENS, Sprout Garden, Market & Eatery. I opened that storefront in the fall of 1997 and closed it’s doors in November, 2002. But, my journey as “the sproutlady” began in 1979. That story is being told in a free ebook that I am giving away. The book talks about how I came to have a sprout-growing business through the power of intention and focusing my energy. It also gives you all the directions you need to grow sprouts and baby greens successfully at home.
I am a woman, sister, mother, grandmother., student & teacher. I’m a baby boomer, born on a full moon in Pisces with my sun sign in Virgo. and it fits… I love the earth, I love to play in the dirt and grow things. I am challenged with order but live comfortably in my “organized clutter”. I am very sensitive to all energy, feel everything. As I learned to recognize my feelings vs. others, I now can function without taking on that which is around me. Being overly emotional has been very difficult for me at times in life. I do well in small groups or one on one. Crowds can be overwhelming.
There has always been a drum beat that resonated with me. This was not one followed by the masses. I am very comfortable spending my days in my own company. I began rejecting the stories on the tell-a-vision in the mid 70’s. Referred to as a ‘visionary’ by my nephew, I recognize trends before they arrive. You might call me a misfit/loner.
My working life as “the sproutlady” consumed me. I loved growing that business as much as I enjoyed breathing. It was my life. I continue to grow sprouts today. I love them and think they are a wonderful addition to any diet. For the past forty years, I have been quite consumed with our diet. It came natural to me, after making some adjustments to my own diet in 1972. Those changes improved my digestion and created in me the curiosity to study this human form which we occupy while here on Earth. Is it strange that my given name spells DIET? Deborah Idelle Elizabeth Tracy.
Although I closed my business in late 2002, I have continued to live a simple life of eating whole, real foods. I traveled across the United States by train, visiting New Mexico, Oregon and then New Orleans. I learned the art of Stained Glass and enjoy creating custom pieces. I actually had several jobs where I worked for someone other than myself. And that was difficult for me. I like to sail my own boat so to speak.
In October of 2016, I relocated to central Florida. A long ago friend had a house there in need of a caretaker, with 1 3/4 acres of land that  needed tending. I volunteered. I lived there for 2 years, maintaining that yard, planting fruit trees, painting the inside of the house and laying a patio outside. I left the property in November 2018. The man is no longer my friend.
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