looking at creating a real zazzle store…


Almost 10 years ago, I looked at opening a store on the zazzle, print on demand site. I had uploaded some of my stained glass artwork on to the site and had placed a few items for sale. Then I forgot about it. I knew nothing about marketing. Today, I received notice that I had some money in my zazzle account. Upon looking around at the things they offer for imprinting, I decided to focus some energy into creating collections of items in my store and perhaps adding more original artwork to imprint.
There is no overhead to list my products. I am paid a royalty on the items sold from my shop. Zazzle does the imprinting through subbing out the work to printing companies. I am only responsible for creating the art and placing it on items for sale.
I ordered a raglan sleeve cotton shirt from zazzle with the money that was in my account. I want to focus on my store and promote my products online.

Author: sproutlady

life long hippie moving into a new chapter of life.

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