where is the “OFF” switch?

for most of my memorable life, I have had an active mind., always busy. my dad once told me that I think too much. I am guilty. I do. and it can be repetitive. (which to me, is a bad thing.)

in my early twenties, I went to a talk about Transcendental Meditation and at the end was given a mantra and sent on my way… I remember my mantra, but, can not profess to sit in meditation and use that mantra.

several months back, I came across this video of a Tibetan Monk who talks about the monkey mind., all the chatter…

have a listen, it has made meditation easier for me.

and the garden continues to grow…

I’m amazed at how quickly the dragon fruit are growing. This morning I added 1/2 of a purple dragon fruit that I had found at the store into my green smoothie.  This is what it looked like. It was delicious, with a gazillion little seeds. Wondering when my little wall of dragon fruit will begin to bear their own fruit?

purple dragon fruit smoothie with cactus.

the dragon fruit are growing…

It has been a month since I began creating the bed for the dragon fruit, placed the posts and planted 12 stalks., 4 each of white, pink & red. They have been sprouting new stalks, at least a dozen or more so far.

dragon fruit

This morning, I finished placing the border of concrete blocks and added more soil and mulch. As they spread, I envision having a wall of dragon fruit climbing the posts and cascading over the trellis which forms the wall.

watching nature come alive, intentions grow…

having completed my patio project., I started planting in the raised beds that now border the patio. In the center of the windows., I chose to place 2 plumeria that were here when I arrived in October, but, they were dormant. One was root bound in a pot, the other had no roots, just a stalk with several branches. They are both producing leaves and one has 2 clusters of blossoms coming.

I patiently await their opening to reveal their color to me. Already, I smell them in my memories of when they lined the entrance to my market in Merritt Island, FL. 15 years ago. They were a lovely welcoming to me. Their fragrance is divine.

progress feels good to the soul…

It’s almost two weeks since I showed any progress on my many projects around the property. Over this time, I reconnected with a friend from my past of 35 years ago. There has been much reflection on where I was in my life’s journey then., a rather low point that I am grateful I left behind me. There is a reason why we reconnected, some healing needed to be done between us. That, too, will come. But, I’m here now, ready to share the progress that I made over this weekend.

My neighbor up the road, Gary, purchased 5 acres last year and has been planting fruit trees ever since. He was one of the first neighbors I sought out. I wanted what he had., FRUIT TREES.

So far, sweet Gary has given me 4 baby jack fruit trees (they may stay in pots for another year), an avocado and 12 dragon fruit cactus.

placement of posts for dragon fruit

Today, I placed 2 of my  4 x 4 posts in the ground. I will place another tomorrow, perhaps,along with preparing the compost and soil to ready for planting.

First on my agenda will be learning to patch a tire for my favorite green wagon. Should that go well, I can complete my pole hole digging.

I am absolutely tickled about his gift of all these different fruits. To me, this is validation that my decision to move here and begin this next chapter of my life is a good one. With purpose and intention I asked for direction as I always have throughout my life. And the desire to live in a quiet place where I could grow food manifested in my life.

What is it you want in your life? Have you paid attention after asking, so as to catch the teacher or facilitator or lesson showing up to lead you in the right direction? Have you tuned in to intuitive self and trusted yourself to make the right decision lately?


completing a project., continuing to grow…

Over my life, I recognize that it’s best to be productive when I feel out of sorts or overwhelmed. Because I spent much of my youth quite busy with my sprout growing business, it can be challenging for me to do nothing sometimes. During those periods of nothingness., I usually ask what it is I could possibly be doing next, then pay attention to what comes around.

looking west

I have been busy completing my patio on the south side of the property. I like it. It is by no means perfect, but, what is? I’ve gathered the beginnings of plants for the raised beds surrounding the patio. This area will face south. I have been planting trees and will be adding a row of dragonfruit after I plant the 4×4 posts they will grow up. This future southern fruit forest will provide privacy to the patio, with an eventual abundance of fresh fruit. I’ve tucked herbs around the aloe.

Now the nurturing begins…

south view
gazing east

where I ended the day with my herb bed…

I enjoyed the process of creating a herb bed beside my new patio today. Beginning the task, I dug up and removed the grass and roots. Then, I built the border with the same small pavers that built the patio. I stood them on edge and made a slightly elevated wall. The plantings of aloe rosemary and lavender will eventually fill this bed., but, for now, I will be adding some other things to fill the space as the featured plants grow.


creating a herb bed today…

The south yard started out quite dismal., the first thing that had to be done was remove the broken down hot tub and relocate the square pavers so I could turn them into a patio. That was accomplished several weeks ago. Although I have not completed the patio, I wanted to get some plants into a bed as soon as possible. So, today, I am planting a rosemary, aloe and lavender plants on the east side of the patio. Of course, there will be AFTER photos when I am done.

future herb bed
south yard BEFORE photo 

the journey begins…

I relocated to Central Florida in the beginning of October, 2016. A friend from the 1980’s had offered me a place to stay in exchange for taking care of the property. There is close to 1 3/4 acres with a 2 bedroom house in need of some TLC. My main goal will be homesteading the land with tropical fruit trees, herbs, berries and raised bed gardens. I will also be helping do repairs around the house. For the first several months, I cleaned the main living area of the house and began removing clutter, then painted the kitchen, dining & living areas. As the weather got warmer, I moved outside.

So far, I have 4 Jackfruit saplings, a mango and some banana trees to plant. Last week, I planted my first tree, a Brown Turkey Fig.

Brown Turkey Fig

This journey begins as spring comes around. The layout of my gardens & trees will come as I spend time in the outdoors. This blog will permit me to share what I am learning as I go along. Most of my sprout growing has been in water since  I closed my business. I have not had a yard to play in, so, moving into the world of composting again will be welcoming. There is plenty of space to set up a small greenhouse structure for growing sprouts & baby greens. Most likely, I will extend the east facing screen porch and grow greens there.

Can you tell?  I would love to live here for the next 30+ years.