creating a herb bed today…

The south yard started out quite dismal., the first thing that had to be done was remove the broken down hot tub and relocate the square pavers so I could turn them into a patio. That was accomplished several weeks ago. Although I have not completed the patio, I wanted to get some plants into a bed as soon as possible. So, today, I am planting a rosemary, aloe and lavender plants on the east side of the patio. Of course, there will be AFTER photos when I am done.

future herb bed
south yard BEFORE photo 

the journey begins…

I relocated to Central Florida in the beginning of October, 2016. A friend from the 1980’s had offered me a place to stay in exchange for taking care of the property. There is close to 1 3/4 acres with a 2 bedroom house in need of some TLC. My main goal will be homesteading the land with tropical fruit trees, herbs, berries and raised bed gardens. I will also be helping do repairs around the house. For the first several months, I cleaned the main living area of the house and began removing clutter, then painted the kitchen, dining & living areas. As the weather got warmer, I moved outside.

So far, I have 4 Jackfruit saplings, a mango and some banana trees to plant. Last week, I planted my first tree, a Brown Turkey Fig.

Brown Turkey Fig

This journey begins as spring comes around. The layout of my gardens & trees will come as I spend time in the outdoors. This blog will permit me to share what I am learning as I go along. Most of my sprout growing has been in water since  I closed my business. I have not had a yard to play in, so, moving into the world of composting again will be welcoming. There is plenty of space to set up a small greenhouse structure for growing sprouts & baby greens. Most likely, I will extend the east facing screen porch and grow greens there.

Can you tell?  I would love to live here for the next 30+ years.