A new path…

choices abound of where to go, what to do.

Sometimes a new path can lead you back to where you started with more wisdom, clarity and focus.

I will NOT stay on this property and grow food after all. The universe seems to be sending me back closer to the ocean.

I have been busy putting together a small automatic sprouting system which will be easy for folks to put together to grow their own sprouts and microgreens. And, I will be joining forces with one of my dearest friends to cater raw, living foods on a weekly basis to like minded souls. Both of these pursuits are what we enjoy doing., and in the future, we will offer classes.

The possibilities are endless…

let the journey begin.

Have you ever lost your way?

Ever since hurricane Irma came thru central Florida, I have been neglectful of continuing work on this property. One reason was that John had announced that he was going to sell this place. That statement put me in a “flight or fight” mode., I also became depressed. I continue to have visions of what this property will look like in years to come, and I can’t seem to find the enthusiasm of purchasing a trailer to tow around the country.

The truth is, we, as a people, need to learn sustainable skills for building, cleaning water and becoming off grid inhabitants of our dear Mother Earth. And I know my life purpose is to teach some of those skills and hold workshops where other teachers can share their expertise.

So, I’m moving! My intention is to continue to make this property my home while I look at available land for sale farther north. My  energy is no longer about growing anything here besides sprouts and greens.  I will be exploring ways to purchase property myself, and create my homestead with sustainable skills., solar panels and a windmill perhaps. A good well for water, and all the other necessities of life.

We all get lost sometimes. I am happy that I decided to listen to my intuitive ‘self’ and do what I love.   Stay tuned.