I am leaving this property for good…

saying anything out loud always makes it more real to me., so, I am stating out loud: I am vacating this property before Thanksgiving.

My dear friend from Malabar, (I thought we would be going into business together) came for a visit last week. We dug up a fig tree, jackfruit, plantain babies, a rosemary bush and lots of dragonfruit. She will plant them all on her property and they will thrive and grow. And she will send me photos of them.

As for me…

I am returning to Pennsylvania. I will be less than 5 miles from my younger daughter and 2 grandsons. My siblings are in a 40 mile distance of there. My older daughter and granddaughter will be a days drive away.

Prioritizing in life sometimes requires change. My children and grandchildren are #1. I have always believed that home is where your heart is. My heart is NOT here, in central Florida. I miss my family. I’m going home.

shifting my focus to a mobile home… aka Vintage Camper

let the truth be told., I will most likely be leaving this property in a year or so., the owner seems intent to sell. or, he is conflicted with my making this space my home. No matter, I will be transferring my energy away from this property and concentrating on manifesting a vintage camper that has a bathroom., i imagine 16+ feet in length. I have visions of traveling to Colorado, Oregon and perhaps California to explore their laws concerning medical marijuana and the availability of it to the public.

I also look at this as an opportunity to write my book about my journey and how living a life of accountability and compassion for others can impact your own life.

So, anyone., that has a decent camper, 16 to 18 ft with a bathroom including shower., contact me. i am interested.

things can change in the blink of an eye…

I thought I knew where I was going to take my last breath… that i would live the remainder of my life growing a food forest of tropical fruit trees and edible greens in raised beds. That might not be what will transpire unless i decide that i would like to start a non profit which focuses on growing tropical fruit trees and raised bed gardens of fresh greens and local food. the owner of this property has it in his head that he needs to add bandaids to the problems that abound, and get as much as he can with putting in as little as he can to cover up the problems.

how does one live with oneself knowing that you are taking advantage of another?






where is the “OFF” switch?

for most of my memorable life, I have had an active mind., always busy. my dad once told me that I think too much. I am guilty. I do. and it can be repetitive. (which to me, is a bad thing.)

in my early twenties, I went to a talk about Transcendental Meditation and at the end was given a mantra and sent on my way… I remember my mantra, but, can not profess to sit in meditation and use that mantra.

several months back, I came across this video of a Tibetan Monk who talks about the monkey mind., all the chatter…

have a listen, it has made meditation easier for me.