Living Greens ebook

This is the story of how I became the Sproutlady of Cocoa Beach, not once, but, twice., manifesting  a backyard business into a storefront which sold organic produce and had a raw food kitchen. My story continues with me sprouting in my kitchen and doing container gardening since I only have a balcony.

I hope you enjoy the story. Use the sprouting guide to grow your own sprouts and greens and get yourself connected to the earth. It is so important that we reconnect with our food. Growing sprouts is a simple and nutritious way to grow some of your own greens while guaranteeing the freshness we love from our delicate greens. Sprouting multiplies the vitamin and mineral content of any seed, nut, grain or legume. It also makes them easily digestible. Once you grow your own, you will Never go Back to store bought and the cost to grow your own is so much less than purchasing from a store.

Here is to your success!