There are 3 things I feel are necessary for any online business: A Website, an Autoresponder and Traffic.

I have always  gotten my domains from GoDaddy. I love their customer service and tech support. I currently have them hosting my website also. It seems they now have wordpress blog support., that helps.

As for an autoresponder., I have tried many. In starting out, I did not have the resources for a monthly expense. I recently found an autoresponder that is easy to understand and manipulate thru. They also offer their system free until you have 100 subscribers. You can find them here.

The most important part of a successful business; virtual or ‘brick & mortar’, is TRAFFIC. It took me a long time to realize that. Without it, you go nowhere. People have to be able to find you. The internet is a huge platform, so, you have to learn how to spread the word that you have a blog, a product, whatever you are promoting. I decided to use Leased Ad Space, there is a link to the right. I also use IBOToolBox, which is a free site. There are optional upgrades. That seems to take care of the traffic aspect, but, for me., I had nothing to sell or promote. That is, until I started to learn about cryptocurrency., i.e. bitcoin and many others.

Over the years, when actively growing my sprouting business, I got involved in several MLM companies that sold natural, organic products. There were monthly purchases to make, and of course, sharing your opportunity. I found products overpriced and folks challenged to make a monthly purchase. But, everyone wanted to make an income.

If you are anything like me, (old hippie), I have been battling “the system” most of my life. So, when I heard about bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, I was interested. The U S dollar is dwindling in worth., it is debt based. Other countries are looking to other currencies because many believe that the dollar is set to collapse. And, as I looked around the internet when making online purchases, I realized that many folks were using bitcoin and sites accept it as payment rather than Payza, PayPal or SolidTrustPay. And it is increasing in value as more and more coins are mined.

Over the coming days, I will be studying cryptocurrency to learn all I can. The group that I am involved with will be focusing on education and researching coins as they come out, so we can move as a team.

If you can afford to risk a one-time payment of $50, you have the opportunity to secure your future outside of the US dollar and the hands of central banks. Rather, move some of your assets, a small $55 takes care of the fees and a position in Round One. You can look around by joining, then decide to become a Pro Member.  Cryptocurrency is the People’s money., I like that idea much better than central bankers.

Check it out right here.

Or click the box to the right., crypto fund raiser.