There are 4 things I feel are necessary for any online business: A Website, an Autoresponder, Traffic and something to promote or sell that will generate income.

I have always  gotten my domains from GoDaddy. I love their customer service and tech support. I currently have them hosting my website also. It seems they now have wordpress blog support., that helps.

As for an autoresponder., I have tried many. In starting out, I did not have the resources for a monthly expense. I recently found an autoresponder that is easy to understand and manipulate thru. They also offer their system free until you have 100 subscribers. You can find them here.

The most important part of a successful business; virtual or ‘brick & mortar’, is TRAFFIC. It took me a long time to realize that. Without it, you go nowhere. People have to be able to find you. The internet is a huge platform, so, you have to learn how to spread the word that you have a blog, a product, whatever you are promoting. I decided to use Leased Ad Space for one of my traffic sources, there is a link to the right. They offer reasonably priced ads and give you a free blogging platform. I also use Facebook. And there is Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and many other social sites. That seems to take care of the traffic aspect of an online business, but, for me., I had to find a product to promote that aligned with my beliefs and something I would personally use.

Having worked for myself most of my life, I paid little into Social Security. Thus, now that I am the age of full retirement, I receive very little SS on a monthly basis. It seems I may have to work until I take my last breath! So, when I actively started seeking and asking the universe to present something to me, I came across a friend who seemed to have what I was looking for.

Over the years, when actively growing my sprouting business, I got involved in several networking companies that sold natural, organic products. On February 14th, I gifted myself a small white bottle of a homeopathic gel. This gel contains HGH (human growth hormone) along with botanical s and other natural ingredients that support our adrenals and thyroid. With an intelligence of its own, it seems to help each individual where they need it most.

I have experienced a profound improvement to my sleep and am remembering my dreams again. Aches and pains are lessening, my digestion is much better and my vision is shifting. Overall, I feel more relaxed and peaceful. No anxiety! Only 2 months using it and I decided I had to share this company with others that were either looking for health, wealth or both.

Feel free to reach out to me through messenger on Facebook. We have a very knowledgeable and  supportive facebook group where you can learn all about the gel and the company, or GO RIGHT HERE to order a bottle for yourself to try.