do what you love (when you decide to love yourself)

I would venture to say that learning to love myself enough to BE myself, has been my biggest challenge in this lifetime. The aha moments when I remember this truth are quite emotional for me. This truth, which is obvious to some, remained oblivious to me many times as I have traveled through this life. Self-sabotage has come easy to me., I can get scared when things are calm and there is no drama. I can stir the pot and create crisis quite quickly. And in reflection, I am also capable of creating the most beautiful experiences.

The creation of my sprout growing business, Living Greens, was meant to be part of my life. From the moment I first read the article on sprouting, until I closed the doors in 2002, I lived and breathed healthy food and teaching classes on healthy eating and raw food preparation. It was my passion. I continue to grow sprouts at my kitchen sink all the time., and wish that others will do the same in their home.

And now I have a new passion in the healing modalities. I have only been  applying the HGH gel since late February and continue to feel better. So, in the 3 months that I have been using the HGH homeopathic gel with botanical support of the adrenals and thyroid, I am thrilled to report that I sleep quite soundly every night. No longer do I have to get up at night to use the bathroom. I seem to fall asleep quickly and usually dream. My digestion has greatly improved., no more bloating and gas. My skin is soft, becoming more resilient. My muscle tone is improving and my muscles have more  density without me going to the gym. I have more energy during the day. Most of all, I feel at peace about everything. My anxiety is so greatly diminished because I am receiving sound sleep nightly, enabling my body to rest and repair. Go right here to try a bottle yourself.

I ran into the son of a friend last week. That encounter led to more interactions with several other local residents of my small home town. I received the gift of acupuncture that evening and the needling definitely opened my heart space. I cried tears of joy.

Life becomes amazing when we allow God to create through us. As we recognize, acknowledge and honor our God spark, we become creative beings, shining our light.

finding your tribe

I have always believed in energy and how we attract experiences into our life. Not that we attract certain  situations, but, that situations manifest to teach us lessons or guide us down our path. If we ask for guidance, then pay attention to what happens by in our daily lives; we are often presented with opportunities, people, etc. that seem to answer our asking.

To be honest, moving back to where I was born surprised me. I am enjoying being here, but, physically working 30 hours a week until I take my last breath is not my idea of retirement or a life I envisioned when I was growing sprouts in my backyard. So, as I was settling into my new apartment and job, I was also asking for a way to feel better. My health seemed not up to par., problems with digestion, energy and ambition and my low back was a constant issue. I was up every night to go to the bathroom and my sleep was not deep and restful. I needed help if I was to outlive my parents passing at 91, and fulfill my purpose on earth.

When scrolling thru Facebook one day in January, I was attracted to a post by a raw food chef/facebook friend, and I private messaged her for more information about this amazing gel that she had been using for the past 6 months and the changes it had made in her life. After researching the product and listening to others share their results, I became a member of the tribe, so to speak. On the 14th of February, I gifted myself this gel and I am so overjoyed that I did.

The first night that I used the gel, I slept through the night without getting up. And it has been that way ever since. I have also been remembering some of my dreams. I wake feeling rested and ready to go. My digestion is changing also with not so much bloating and gas. My nails are stronger and I feel stronger in my muscles. The biggest change has been the sense of peace. My anxiety has been reduced. I want to share this wonderful gel with everyone over the age of 30!

It contains human growth hormone (HGH) along with botanical support for our adrenal glands and thyroid. I have read that it has its own intelligence, thus acting where it is needed most throughout the body. I know I desperately needed better sleep, and that was the first improvement in my life.

I love that I found this beautiful group of like-minded souls to hang out with online. We are helping improve the quality of peoples lives daily, both with health and wealth, just by adding the application of a gel several times a day. Amazingly, this gathering of people are those that often times think outside of the box. Have been or still are in the healing arts as life coaches, raw chefs, Chinese medicine practitioners, massage therapists. They are seekers of peace and harmony on the earth. People of integrity.

If you think you might like to be part of our tribe, use the gel and feel amazing, send me a private message on Facebook, or look at my website and join me right here.