back where it all began…

I have returned to my place of birth. It is rather funny, I am living in the same apartment building I left in the fall of 2016, only this time it is a bigger apartment and I have a balcony where I can have some flowers and veggies this summer. The move went very smoothly., a short visit north of Atlanta with my daughter and granddaughter, then a friend in North Carolina and then home to Butler, PA. I stayed with my daughter, Julia, and her family for almost a month before I found a job and an apartment.

It feels good to be home. Working at the local grocery store allows me the opportunity to run into folks that I know from growing up here. I am enjoying being busy. Looking for the necessary furnishings, happy to have my own place again.

Spring is around the corner, I will do some container gardening on my small balcony. It is the northern exposure, not sure if the sun will come far enough north to shine on it or if  I will rely on the eastern and western sun. Time will tell.