I am leaving this property for good…

saying anything out loud always makes it more real to me., so, I am stating out loud: I am vacating this property before Thanksgiving.

My dear friend from Malabar, (I thought we would be going into business together) came for a visit last week. We dug up a fig tree, jackfruit, plantain babies, a rosemary bush and lots of dragonfruit. She will plant them all on her property and they will thrive and grow. And she will send me photos of them.

As for me…

I am returning to Pennsylvania. I will be less than 5 miles from my younger daughter and 2 grandsons. My siblings are in a 40 mile distance of there. My older daughter and granddaughter will be a days drive away.

Prioritizing in life sometimes requires change. My children and grandchildren are #1. I have always believed that home is where your heart is. My heart is NOT here, in central Florida. I miss my family. I’m going home.

Author: sproutlady

life long hippie moving into a new chapter of life.

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