shifting my focus to a mobile home… aka Vintage Camper

let the truth be told., I will most likely be leaving this property in a year or so., the owner seems intent to sell. or, he is conflicted with my making this space my home. No matter, I will be transferring my energy away from this property and concentrating on manifesting a vintage camper that has a bathroom., i imagine 16+ feet in length. I have visions of traveling to Colorado, Oregon and perhaps California to explore their laws concerning medical marijuana and the availability of it to the public.

I also look at this as an opportunity to write my book about my journey and how living a life of accountability and compassion for others can impact your own life.

So, anyone., that has a decent camper, 16 to 18 ft with a bathroom including shower., contact me. i am interested.

Author: sproutlady

life long hippie moving into a new chapter of life.

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